Thursday, October 25, 2012

Update on Brave

Dear readers 

I am so glad that Brave was adopted today ! by two young and beautiful ladies, Agnes and Michelle (with spectacle). Agnes came across Brave's story through Second Chance's facebook. I am also glad that Agnes and her family  are experienced in handling cat. Why i said this was because Brave tried  to escape when i was talking to Michelle (Agnes's sister) at the car park. Brave hide under the car and i got so panic, but Michelle managed to grab Brave which cling at one of the car tyres. Michelle told me that normally cat has no where to hide under the car except the tyres. I learned something new today, Thank Michelle.  Agnes and family currently have one 8 years old cat at home and hope that Brave can get along with this cat. 

I am hereby would like to thank Mun Ee, our Second Chance's volunteer to help me to follow up with Agnes, Dr. Chan Kah Yein and Puan Hanie in helping me to blog about Brave. Thanks Agnes in giving Brave a good and loving home and i know that Brave is in good hand. 

Mei Leng

I have defeated this deadly cat virus that infected me ten days ago, look at my eyes, isn't it good enough to convince you that i am a real fighter ?

 Is my adopter coming soon ?

                                              My beautiful adopters, Agnes and Michelle

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