Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dinner time

One fine day, i came back from work and saw this...

Everything was in a mess.......

Suddenly, June hopped out and disapproved set in.......

Coco too, joined in to give me another dose of disapproved , both of them seem to divert my attention to their empty bowls.

within a few second, showing me their, silent butt protest.....

and finally Coco came toward me, looked at his cute little cubby face and suddenly i remembered, "ooh, sory sweeties, mummy forget that it is diner time..........."

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Our new toy - hay balls

Christmas is approaching, so my two babies buns demand for Christmas this is what i get for them ...........hay balls !!!!

Can u c, my buns really have no mercy for the box, i hv to get new stuff for them to chew and destroy.....

"hay balls, sound good........however, strict inspection is required prior to our acceptance !!"

"Ok, innovative product, chewable, the hay inside seem to be tastier........."
(dear reader, actually, i was the one who put in the hay, it is just the oxbow timothy hay that they munch daily......)

"So, this is my hay balls cos i hv chined it and i rate this ......8/10"
"this is mine, i hv done a proper chinning, it smell like me and i rate this.........9/10"
So, my buns really happy with it......:>

Sunday, November 8, 2009

June Posh Spicy hair style

"Though i am busy eating carrot, i still do mind to let u take photo, so my Posh's hair style not bad huh, ok, i move my ear to the back and let u see clearly....."

"Finish taking photo ? ok, i am gonna finish the carrot before Coco come and finish it for me...."

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bun business talk ?

"Mum, i disapproved of this, can't u c that i am having a very serious business talk with June, pls don't interrupt us, have u finished cleaning our cage ?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My passionate buns.....

Based on the following pictures, u can c that both my Coco bun and June bun are very passionate to each other. Then, i was thinking since both of them are so close all the time, do they communicate ? or from the way that they behave, i presume, they already know what message is going to convey to each other.
"Mum, what do u think Coco is trying to do ?"
"Mummy, my leg is very tired......"
"Actually, both of us are very loving........"

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Coco's diamond nose

Happen to read some of the bunny blog recently, some of them some how relate their bunny with diamond. So, i was thinking to write something about diamond and of course, it has to be related to my buns......if u notice closely on the following pictures, my Coco's nose look like a diamond ( the shape), however, this diamond nose appear to be a little bit darker and not shinning........but, have u ever seen any diamond that is able to sniff and wiggle?

Friday, August 7, 2009

Coco work out

I do not know that Coco actually work out secretly at home while i am away for my work. So, this is the result that i notice of Coco work out.....

"Notice the muscle at my two arm ? macho ? cool ? u like it ?"

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

1st National Rabbit Show

Finally, i managed to share about the 1st National Rabbit Show held at Mid Valley on 4/7/09. I was very happy to be one of the committee members to help up in organising the show. Besides, i am glad to meet up all my rabbit forum fren on that day and some of them did give a helping hand for the show namely nicoty_yne, jannu98 and bf, bebee and bf, rsf, fyire and of course, all the credit definately goes to Beh and Yo who were actually the main person behind this show.
Well, at the end of the show, everyone was so tired but i believed we learn a lot and of course, the chief purpose of organising such a show is to create awareness of the public to know and learn more about rabbit as a pet. Generally, there were 4 categories of rabbit that participated in the show which was the Holand Lop, Netheland Dwarf, Dwarf Hotot and the Fancy Group (mix breed bunny with costume). Below are some of the photos that i had taken on that day......

The Fancy Group :

The Champion bun - Angel

1st runner up - Lulu the King bun

The Doctor Bun - one of the top 10 buns

One of the top 10 buns with colourful cap

The soldier bun- one of the top 10

Holand Lop

Netherland Dwarf

Dwarf Hotot

The Award winning buns for the show......

Senior broken Tort doe (left) - Best in Show
Junior broken black buck (right) - Best Reserved in Show

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Yeah, my darling boy Coco is fine

Just to inform that my Coco finally ate the pellets, munched the hay and drink water. There is nothing more happier than we as a rabbit owner to see our sweety pee and fact to see them poo and pee A LOT cos these are the good indications of their health. I want to thank the breeder who i called up, for his advise and the Oxbow critical care that he introduced, it did help my Coco to regain his appetide and of course, i talk to Coco a lot, i feed him yogurt, pineapple juice and water which i think it helped too..........

Coco's poo .......solid, big and round

Coco's pee........smelly but is a good sign of his health

"Mummy, sory for making u wory, i am healthy now and i will finish the pellets............"

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My darling boy Coco is not feeling well

My Coco is not doing well since Monday afternoon. He ate so little and of course poo and pee very little as well. Coco seems no mood at all, very quiet and just chilled inside the fiddle stick. I am not sure what was the reason and he makes me worried. I called up one of a very experience local breeders and he advised me to pump in some yogurt or pinapple juice in order to stimulate his appetite. He also advised me to try out the oxbow critical care if it is necessary ..........
i had tried all the abovementioned methods and the breeder said that Coco might needs sometimes to regain his appetite, most probably after two or three i hope to see my darling boy start eating by today onwards. Please keep my baby boy in prayer, thanks........

"Sory, i am not interested in treat now........"

"Coco, is the hot weather make u loss appetite ?"

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Face and pellet........?

I use to feed my buns pellet once in the morning and there was this particular morning, June posed me a question.

"Mum, can i ask u a question? u must answer it correctly."
"ok, sweety, what is the question?"

"Since Coco and I eat the same pellet everyday, why my face looked longer and Coco looked rounder?"
"Well, this is because...........because.........."
"Yes, mummy, i also want to know why my face is so round and cubby until my eyes can hardly be seen"
Oh, my, can someone help me to answer this question ? i really do not know that bunny can be so smart. :)