Sunday, October 14, 2012

Brave, the survivor cat

Dear readers,
Today's blog topic, i am diverting it to a cat story which inspire me so much.

I am actually urgently looking for a fosterer or adopter for this strong and beautiful orange cat. As such, i sincerely hope that you can help me to spread the news. 

This kitten which I named him Brave, was infected by virus, in layman term, he is a parvo cat, i did check with the vet the name of this cat virus, but it was too long for me to remember and finally the vet told me that this kind of virus is something like those parvo virus which infected dog :p.  I rescue Brave on last Friday, he was lying lifeless under the dark staircase of my condo. I guess Brave was not meant to end his life there, he managed to meow softly which somehow caught my attention. i quickly picked him up and was shock to see that Brave was so skinny and barely can walk. Brave's body was so cold and his eyes was half opened. Without any hesitation, I used a thick tower to wrap him up  immediately and try to hand feed him with some wetfood, but, he refused to eat, feed him with some milk and water, he refused to drink, Brave was simply too weak to eat and drink.

That night, Brave was just lying and closed his eyes with heavy breath and i thought that he might not be able to make it to the next day. However, in the middle of the night, i heard a soft meow, it was Brave ! he was meowing to me ! he managed to raise up his little head eventhough he still could not stand up and walk. Immediately, i fed him some milk and water and he drank ! i monitored Brave's condition throughout the night (he was having severe diarrhea as well) and rushed him to the vet, Dr. Tan (2nd chance panel vet) the next morning. Dr. Tan said by looking at Brave terrible condition and based on her experience, normally kitten infected with this kind of virus and with such a low body temperature as well as severe diarrhea, Brave has a very low chance to survive. Brave was hospitalised and continue to be monitored and i, already prepared to receive call from Dr. Tan anytime about the bad news on Brave, However, Brave has such a strong will to survive, he began to perk up next day, he can stand up and walk and he started to eat and drink by himself ! 

Yesterday, i dropped by the clinic and Dr. Tan said that Brave temperature goes back to normal, eventhough still have a bit of diarrhea. Brave not only eat and drink by himself, he even walk out from the cage and greet me with a loud meow ! After a while, he started to groom himself ! What a joy!  So, this is a wonderful and happy story about Brave and i hope that someone can foster Brave or better still, adopt him !  because Brave is definitely deserved to be loved, isn't he ?  I attached some of his photo and hope that someone is kind enough to foster him. if he is not adopted, at least he is under the good hand of the fosterer and until the time that he is totally recover and strong enough, i have to put Brave back to his colony. i hope Brave is fit and strong enough to be a community cat at my condo. Brave is really a miracle to me, he really want to survive and he does ! Try to look at the picture that i attached, his eyes is full of fighting spirit..........

Thanks a lot !

Mei Leng 

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