Saturday, June 20, 2009

Yeah, my darling boy Coco is fine

Just to inform that my Coco finally ate the pellets, munched the hay and drink water. There is nothing more happier than we as a rabbit owner to see our sweety pee and fact to see them poo and pee A LOT cos these are the good indications of their health. I want to thank the breeder who i called up, for his advise and the Oxbow critical care that he introduced, it did help my Coco to regain his appetide and of course, i talk to Coco a lot, i feed him yogurt, pineapple juice and water which i think it helped too..........

Coco's poo .......solid, big and round

Coco's pee........smelly but is a good sign of his health

"Mummy, sory for making u wory, i am healthy now and i will finish the pellets............"

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My darling boy Coco is not feeling well

My Coco is not doing well since Monday afternoon. He ate so little and of course poo and pee very little as well. Coco seems no mood at all, very quiet and just chilled inside the fiddle stick. I am not sure what was the reason and he makes me worried. I called up one of a very experience local breeders and he advised me to pump in some yogurt or pinapple juice in order to stimulate his appetite. He also advised me to try out the oxbow critical care if it is necessary ..........
i had tried all the abovementioned methods and the breeder said that Coco might needs sometimes to regain his appetite, most probably after two or three i hope to see my darling boy start eating by today onwards. Please keep my baby boy in prayer, thanks........

"Sory, i am not interested in treat now........"

"Coco, is the hot weather make u loss appetite ?"