Sunday, July 27, 2014

In rememberance of my beloved June (10 June 2007 - 24 July 2014)

My June left me on 24 July 2014, it was Thursday morning, around 6.30am. I know that June was an old bunny, 7 good years with me, but i still can not help to feel the loss. June did not suffer much, just being an old bunny, she started to be some how disoriented, pee and poo everywhere, diarrhea and stop eating for two days. June was still warm when she left me. June was at the rainbow bridge now, free from suffering and sickness, parting on earth is just temporarily and i know that we will meet again,...

 June was always a good companion, constantly beside Coco

 They are inseparable

I know that June always with me 

Coco feels the loss too

I am going to miss June every day

(10 June 2007 - 24 July 2014)

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Anonymous said...

Sorry for your loss. RIP June...