Saturday, April 25, 2009

We got TWO award !!!!!

Really sory for not updating CocoJune blog for exactly 3 weeks....Coco and June were so angry with me cos they keep on telling me that they were nominated for TWO beautiful awards from Mdm. Azian of and wanted me to quickly send them to collect the award.....

"Coco June, mummy feel so sory....can both of u talk to mummy...pls, my babies.."

"Don't disturb, we are planning to go to collect the awards by OURSELVES !!"

" By the way, June, do u know BlueBerry Hand Phone Number, Aunty Azian ask us to collect from her.........."

Emmm, i know, Coco, her number is 019xxxxxx "

ok, ok, sorylah Coco and June, Mummy busy, finally Coco and June show me the awards and it looks like this :-

Coco wanted me to list down 5 reasons why life is grand :-

1. Life is grand because i am so fortunate to have both of u as my wonderful pets.....bunny Coco and bunny June,
2. Life is grand because both of u always cheer me up when i am down,
3. Life is grand because by having both of u, i get to know other mummy and daddy who loves bunny as well.......
4. Life is grand because both of u let me know that how wonderful God creation is and lastly,
5. Life is grand because all the bunnies that i know of was healthy and happy and always being loved.........

And, June wanted me to write down why i love blogging :-

1. i love blogging because i can share my bunnies story,
2. i love blogging because i can learn from others how to take good care of bunnies,
3. i love blogging because i can keep those who care and loves my bunnies update,
4. i love blogging because i can get to know so many wonderful and nice bunny lovers ,
5. i love blogging because i can make fren with other cute bun bun.........haha..
So, once again, Coco and June wanted to given many thanks to Mdm. Azian and they would like to pass these awards to all their fren in the blog list.........Thank you very much .........

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Complaint from June......

As you know that my two love buns love to squeeze in a narrow space like the following pictures, but this time around, it seems that June was complaining about Coco....

"Mummy, please, ask Coco to wash his bushy butt....."

"Excuse me, bun does not need to take bath, ok........? stop complaining to mummy....."
" I mean butt.......not bath......."