Saturday, August 7, 2010

After 3 year ++..........bathing !!

3 years ago, i sent my buns for bathing and grooming which resulted in my Coco got stress up and did not eat for 2-3 days. In actual fact, it is generally not advisable to bath bunny as they easily get scare and stressed up. After that incident, i dare not bath my buns anymore. Having said that, i do on and off brush and comb my buns by using the furminator. However, i decided to "clean" my Coco and June when i noticed a lot of matted fur was formed as a result of their constant grooming. Further, there are also stubborn stain that stuck at the fur near their butt which i think is not so good for their skin.
This buns cleaning session actually took me about one hour plus to complete. I did not actually bath my Coco and June cos both of them actually got a bit stress up when i put them in the bath room. Since my Coco and June are going through heavy molting, i used furminator to brush out all those excessive fur and for those matted fur, i either plucked it out using my hand or trimed it by using scissor. Lastly, i use my wet hand to stroke their whole body for a final cleaning. So, below are some of their pictures that i took after accomplishing the buns "bathing" mission....

"how dare is mummy to bath me, i strongly disapprove !"

"I strongly disapprove too ! look at my fur, it makes me look so horrible !"

"no photo please......."

"bathing is indeed very stressful to bunny..."

"so, i need to rest and relax........"

"i disapprove of mummy bathing me !"

"better look for a place to hide ........"

"before hidding, i need to fill my stomach ......"