Sunday, November 29, 2009

Our new toy - hay balls

Christmas is approaching, so my two babies buns demand for Christmas this is what i get for them ...........hay balls !!!!

Can u c, my buns really have no mercy for the box, i hv to get new stuff for them to chew and destroy.....

"hay balls, sound good........however, strict inspection is required prior to our acceptance !!"

"Ok, innovative product, chewable, the hay inside seem to be tastier........."
(dear reader, actually, i was the one who put in the hay, it is just the oxbow timothy hay that they munch daily......)

"So, this is my hay balls cos i hv chined it and i rate this ......8/10"
"this is mine, i hv done a proper chinning, it smell like me and i rate this.........9/10"
So, my buns really happy with it......:>

Sunday, November 8, 2009

June Posh Spicy hair style

"Though i am busy eating carrot, i still do mind to let u take photo, so my Posh's hair style not bad huh, ok, i move my ear to the back and let u see clearly....."

"Finish taking photo ? ok, i am gonna finish the carrot before Coco come and finish it for me...."